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Poll #2063753 Which Who?

Given the Tardis was parked on Trump intentionally, who did it?


BTW, I think I have the correct answer.
BTW2: The War Doctor doesn't count.

Scientists discover 7 ‘Earthlike’ planets orbiting a nearby star - The Washington Post

Scientists discover 7 ‘Earthlike’ planets orbiting a nearby star - The Washington Post

Can't stop thinking of Jack Vance:

The Rigel Concourse: a system of 26 planets orbiting Rigel, which were moved into the system in antiquity by a vanished alien race. Their pompous discoverer named them for figures of Victorian literature (such as Bulwer-Lytton and Rudyard Kipling); but the clerk who processed his transmission, Roger Pilgham, replaced the names with a fanciful series of his own devising: Alphanor, Barleycorn, Chrysanthe, Diogenes, Elfland, Fiame, Goshen, Hardacres, Image, Jezebel, Krokinole, Lyonesse, Madagascar, Nowhere, Olliphane, Pilgham (after himself), Quinine, Raratonga, Somewhere, Tantamount, Unicorn, Valisande, Walpurgis, Xion, Ys and Zacaranda. Pligham also gave a particularly ugly moon the name "Sir Julian" in honor to the discoverer of the entire system.

Many of the planets are not only inhabitable but extremely pleasant to live on, and all are settled to a greater or lesser degree. Some (principally Olliphane, Lyonesse and Tantamount) are mineral-rich and given over to heavy industry. The entire system is considered one of the primary focal points of the
Oikumene and certainly represents the greatest concentration of habitable planets.
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Ma Kali

I've spent the last 5 years doing research and writing about the Trickster. And then BAM, I was Trickstered! The Trickster is no longer relevant.

People would say, isn't this the time of the Trickster? Isn't Donald Trump a Trickster?

Nope. Hermes, a Greek trickster, was the god friendliest to humans. He tricked, but His tricks usually -- in the end -- helped people. Nothing about the Orange Shit-Gibbon is friendly and nothing is going to turn out great for us.

We are living in the time of Kali.

During a battle with demons, Kali was born from the anger expressed on the face of another goddess. Kali ended the battle by defeating an undefeatable demon. This demon was undefeatable because when he was injured each drop of his blood which touched the ground spawned a clone. Kali solved this problem by licking up this demon's blood before it touched the ground.

Here we see Kali, weapons in hand, Her tongue out to catch blood (the stuck out tongue is often seen as a sign of embarrassment -- She is naked), and wearing a garland and skirt of body parts of the clones She killed. The large head in Her hand symbolizes the destruction of the human ego.

She is standing on the dead god Shiva and resuscitating Him with Her foot (some say He feared that Kali would not stop killing so he feigned death or died to attract Her attention and stop Her rage).

Your anger calls forth Kali. Once She's called forth, it's Her show. She will solve your problem, but in Her way. Her solutions have nothing to do with your plans. You may have to die to stop her (but don't worry, She will resurrect you).

Our anger called forth Kali. There was a lot of anger in America. Orange Cheeto, he's not Kali. But don't worry, Kali knows how to handle big egos. (And our tongues should be out in embarrassment with all of this talk of pussy grabbing and photos of naked first ladies).

Kali is going to restructure things. We may not like the way She goes about restructuring things or Her goal. We may have to die to stop Her.

But don't worry about Her goal. Kali is Mother Nature.